Germany had to wait a long time, but finally it is coming: the first International Yarnbombing Festival, the Woolinale!

We transport the old traditions of crocheting and knitting from the sofa at home to the public. This happens with the help of a new art form, yarnbombing, a kind of urban art.

Yarnbombers create works of art for public spaces – often with a lot of humor, as an original eye-catcher, but sometimes also as a statement, combined with a concern that is transported in this unusual way and therefore attracts great attention.

From March 31 to April 2, 2023, yarnbombing artists from all over the world will exhibit their crocheted or knitted works of art outdoors and indoors at the Cologne Exhibition Centre during h+h cologne, the world’s leading trade fair for the handicraft industry. From large to small, in 2D or 3D, colorful or black and white, in traditional style or surprising and modern, crocheted or knitted pictures – presented on industrial construction fences or noble atrium frames -… all this awaits visitors at the outdoor area and the entrance hall of the South Entrance of the Cologne Exhibition Centre. In this way, interested parties who do not have access to the h+h trade fair can also view the works of art.

Preparations are in full swing: The Woolinale team is calling on yarn artists from all over the world to participate via its network and social media.

Some of them will be invited in person, others will have until October 15, 2022 to apply to participate by posting their works with the hashtags #woolinale or #hhcologne on social media.

Commitments have already been made for artists from Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, France, Finland, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Australia, Mexico and Germany.

In order to give as many other crochet and knitting enthusiasts as possible the opportunity to be there in addition to the selected artists who take part in the Woolinale, there is also a large creative joint project with the theme “Peace” at the Woolinale in Cologne: Here anyone who can crochet and/or knit a bit can join forces with other participants from the worldwide handicraft community and broadcast a message for peace to the world at large.